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Gel Removal Bit | Carbide

This nail drill bit has both left and right-handed options

Has a great tapered form for way more refined cuticle area gel polish removal. You can really evenly file the gel off around the cuticle without risking digging in by accident.

With great strength and efficiency for removing gel polish (with thicker base underneath), hard gel, acry/poly gel because of the teeth.

The “teeth” don’t wear out as fast as other style. Black carbide nail drill bits so again, longer use and saves you money on re-ordering. That last three times longer. 

The tip of this nail drill bit is rounded to help prevent cutting the client.

Optimal use at 35,000. RPM will vary depending on technique, e-file and newness of bit.

Low heat impact.

One of our favorite nail drill bit.


Standard shank size 3/32”